Genesis - fossil

The Energy of Life

Fossils are something incredibly fascinating. Once when I visited a dinosaur exhibition, I found myself pondering the immense force and energy life has. Even after the enormous mass demolitions and catastrophes life has always won. The Genesis gets its inspiration from the shape of the fossils and the incredible energy of life.

The Genesis is the power talisman, which helps you reach your targets and dreams.

The Genesis jewellery itself has not an emanating magic power to change your life, but the power of this jewellery is based on the change of your own thinking. It reminds you of your aim, helps you to focus and reflects your own power. You will be energized, focused, powered and will get important things done.

The Genesis force

One of the most important traits of the Genesis Force is the simplicity of it. The Genesis Force channels through three main phases:

  1. Choose your goal, which is important to you and in which you can rejoice your passion.
  2. Visualize your goal so that you can think as you would have reached it already.
  3. The Genesis jewellery is the symbol of that target. Spend a moment every day to strengthen and clarify your goal.

That kind of a Genesis force is a natural human way to act in the best possible manner. Several biographies reveal that many successful artists, scientists and entrepreneurs have used this kind of a method. Consciously or not.

Genesis man


Genesis Pro

Genesis Tigerborg