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Scandinavian jewelry - Genesis Big

Exclusive Scandinavian power pendants

Raw and rough – ancient Scandinavian design

Life in Finland has always been hard. Surviving in demanding conditions has made things and objects simple and effective. Tigerborg pendants have also born from these starting points; they are simple in design – even raw – but full of energy and feeling. 

Scandinavian jewelry - Genesis Big



The Genesis gets its inspiration from the shape of the fossils and the incredible energy of life. The Genesis is the power talisman, which helps you reach your targets and dreams.

Sun Wheel


The Sun Wheel is an energy pendant that has been inspired by Finland’s nightless night when the sun is not setting at all.

Light is radiation and energy, it is the essential element of life as well as water and air. However, the pendant Sun Wheel is not symbolizing physical light but spiritual and inner radiation and energy. It is the symbol of that inner light.

Sun Wheel Pendant by Tigerborg
Sun Wheel Pendant by Tigerborg

Ancient mythology meets modern Scandinavian design

Handmade finnish jewelry

Fabricated by craftsmen

The individually formed pendants – or power talismans – are made of energy, emotions and pure silver.

The pendants are casted using the ancient cire perdue method, then the artisan skillfully gives them a perfect appearance and finish. Each piece is completely assembled in our workshops.

Handmade finnish jewelry
Light is a strong men's jewellery

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