We see this world from our unique perspective. After all everything is just what we perceive, learn and experience. The philosopher René Descartes formed the saying: I think, therefore I am. He concluded, that there’s only one certain thing: a subjective mind must exist. Someone, who can doubt the existence of everything.

The World jewelry has evolved from this thought. You are the world, whole the universe. Everything existing is inside your mind, inside your head. If we think the life as a film, you are the screenwriter, the director and the leading actor. You also have the responsibility to act upon the shape of your life. For a bad life you can’t blame others and expect that there would be somebody to make your life sensible. Things itself are nothing, but essential is how do you relate to them.


We all have our own possibilities and on the other hand own restrictions and problems, which affect our ability to make our life more sensible. The life is supposed not to be easy and without suffering, but we have to find some reason to our own life.

The World jewelry is the symbol of that inner world. When different worlds come together, there will follow interesting communication. Your world is interesting, if you reveal it honestly to others – just the way you experience it.

You are the world. We are the world.