In autumn 2013 I got a chance to visit Finnish philosopher and writer Pentti Linkola with my friend. The plan was to talk about forests. Pentti suggested, that we would visit Hiirettelänvuori in Iitti, where The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation had bought 17.6 hectares of forest in May.

To action. We picked up Pentti from his home and headed to Iitti. First, Pentti taught us how to identify a tree.
– Man’s arms must not reach around the trunk, he instructed.
– Only then it is a tree, smaller are only saplings.
So we three men measured and hugged trees. And in Iitti there really were trees, unlike in most parts of Finland.

The plain truth is, the forests of Finland have been felled from tip to toe – several times. Only a few scattered tiny areas have remained, where it is possible to see old forest. It will take thousand of years before forests get really old and to get the same look our hunter-gatherer ancestors saw. The diversity has shrunk to a fragment of the level in a natural state forest. The forestry is only a lingual power, where the act of raping the forests and brutal economical exploitation is altered to positive ”management of forests.”

– They are not forests anymore, but only fields of tree, Linkola says laconically.

In Finland, through generations we have relied on forests. They have given food and shelter. The silence of a forest is not soundlessness, but the calming presence of nature. Trees have silent power and wisdom.

These thoughts have got a form in the Silence jewellery. The Silence is the symbol of forest and peace.