LLight is radiation and energy. It is the essential element of life as well as water and air. However, the pendant Light is not symbolizing physical light but spiritual and inner radiation and energy.

Finnish philosopher and researcher Frank Martela writes in his book ”Lihghtneers” about people, who have the heart of a hippie and the talent of an engineer to get things done.

We people have been instructed to look for happiness in life. Martela says in his book that “although being happy seems to be a good thing, the pursuit of happiness, in fact, can be a bad thing”. I have the same opinion: we don’t need happiness but meaningful life and sensible things to do. Happiness is a side effect of a good life. The neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl once said that in fact, we don’t need easy freedom but we need the effort towards important goals.

Psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan have researched the intrinsic motivations, which inspire a person to do things independent of extrinsic rewards or punishments. In their researches they found three factors: autonomy, competence and relatedness. To these three factors Frank Martela has added yet the fourth: the need to do good. When a person can satisfy these four needs and is able to carry out something important, she or he radiates joy and energy.

This light can be inside us all. It costs nothing, and it doesn’t require academic degrees. In fact you can’t buy or earn it. It just has to be found inside ourselves.

The Light jewelry is the symbol of that inner light. The Light is well suited to support the force and energy of the Genesis jewelry.